Chris Williamson

University of Wisconsin

Dr. Chris Williamson is a Professor of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he is an extension/research entomologist in urban landscape entomology including turfgrass (golf courses, lawns, athletic fields, and sod farms), ornamentals (nursery and landscape), Christmas trees, and greenhouses. He is an expert on invasive insect species education and management with a research focus on evaluating and developing insecticide management strategies.

My Sessions

Use Strategies of Insecticides for Managing White Grubs in Turf

Indiana Convention Center

CCH = 3b: 1.0, RT: 1.0

Lawn Care

Workshop F: Profitable Insect Control in Lawns and Landscapes

Indiana Convention Center

 This workshop will provide an overview of the most common insect pests of turf and popular ornamental plants. It will focus on detection, identification, and the development of reliable, cost effective pest management programs. Participants will share their ideas, receive feedback and work to improve their pest management operations. CCH = 2: 3.0, 3a: 3.0, […]