Bert Cregg

Michigan State University

Bio: Dr. Bert Cregg is a Professor of Horticulture and Forestry at Michigan State University. He conducts research and extension programming on physiology and management of trees in landscapes, nurseries, and Christmas tree production. Prior to joining the faculty at MSU he was a research plant physiologist for the US Forest Service and International Paper.

Email: cregg@msu.edu

Website: https://www.canr.msu.edu/people/bert_cregg

My Sessions

Soil Amendments and Tree Planting: What works and what doesn’t

Room 138-139

Root dips including mycorrhizae, bio-stimulants, and other products are widely promoted to improve tree planting success. In this presentation, Dr. Bert Cregg will discuss the basics behind these products and present recent research from his lab on their effectiveness in improving tree survival and growth after transplanting.

Landscape Installation/Maintenance

Conifers for the Midwest

Room 140-141

Burnt out on blue spruce? Pining for something different? In this program, Dr. Bert Cregg will present an array of conifers that twist, curl, and creep that can add an array of color and textures to the landscape.

Plant Materials