Janna Beckerman

Purdue University


Janna Beckerman is a professor and extension plant pathologist, specializing in horticultural crops at Purdue University.  Her research and extension programs cover everything from apples to zinnias.  It then starts again with ‘and she teaches a graduate level course on ‘Plant Disease Diagnosis.’ She has developed the Purdue Plant Doctor suite of apps to aid people in plant pest diagnosis available in the iTunes store and Google Play store, or online at www.purdueplantdoctor.com.

My Sessions

First things first! Early season disease management

Room 138-139
Landscape Installation/Maintenance

Vascular Streak Dieback – An emerging issue in nursery stock

Room 140-141

Vascular streak dieback (VSD) is a syndrome affecting a growing number of woody plant species being grown in nurseries in Southern and Eastern US. Information will be provided concerning how the issue was first found, symptoms associated with VSD, where it has been found in the US.

Nursery Production