Jean Zavala

Purdue University

Bio: Originally from Ecuador, Jean Pierre is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Dr. Ariana Torres’ laboratory. His research is centered on horticulture economics, specifically aiming to enhance profitability in sustainable vegetable production, including high tunnels with biological control. He holds a BS in Agribusiness Management from Zamorano University, Honduras, and earned an MBA from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain.

Email: jzavalav@purdue.edu

My Sessions

Economic Feasibility of Pest Management in Agriculture/Viabilidad Economica Del Manejo de Plagas en la Agricultura


Our research have the objective to get the economic feasibility of pest management strategies under high tunnels to increase the resiliency of local food systems. We analyzed spinach production in urban farms to have a broader comprehensive if releasing biological control agents such as Adalia bipunctata, Chrysoperla carnea, and Orius insidiosus are profitable. Nuestra investigación […]