Pedra Sage

Sage Garden Design LLC

Bio: Pedra Sage blends her love of art and painting with horticulture and landscaping. Since earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has continued building her knowledge base which includes 15 years in the field installing plants, trees, and irrigation. Pedra is an ISA Certified Arborist, INLA Certified Indiana Accredited Horticulturist, and her company, Sage Garden Designs, holds a Designs Native Certification from INPS.

Email: sagepedra@gmail.com

Website: http://sagegardendesigns.com


My Sessions

Save money! Reduce Labor Hours! Designing with Indiana Natives

Room 142

We all know that Indiana natives are good for the environment. But what can they do for your bottom line? Discover plant substitutions that are low maintenance, disease resistant and drought tolerant. Not every native garden needs to look like a prairie; explore wildly imaginative ideas using Indiana native plants.


Lessons Learned from Starting a New Business in the Green Industry

Room 142