Shad Tidler

Lushin and Associates

Bio: Shad joined the Lushin team in 2014, bringing with him extensive global business experience and an Ironman triathlete’s discipline and tenacity. As a leading sales process consultant, he focuses on creating scalable, repeatable processes to ensure client success. Shad excels at helping clients define their goals, develop plans, and understand how to execute their training in real life. Shad’s measured, methodical approach to sales process consulting has a calming effect on clients, allowing them to look past immediate problems in order to create step-by-step paths to follow toward their goals.

Email: shad@lushin.com

Website: http://www.lushin.com

My Sessions

How to deal with the unknown landscape of sales!

Room 143

In the ever-changing landscape of sales, many of us are reacting and responding to problems which limits us from reaching our business and personal goals. In this interactive session, Shad will help us to discover what’s causing our challenges, why you are not succeeding with sales, and how to do more of what works.

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