Carrie Tauscher

Crown Hill Foundation

Carrie Tauscher is the Arboretum Director at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. This Historic Rural landscape Cemetery was opened in 1863 as designed by Frederick Chislett and is home to Crown hill National Cemetery. The Level II Arboretum, accredited by ArbNet, is home to over 10,700 trees representing 135 species on the 555 acre site.
Carries work with the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation is to manage trees across the arboretum to retain the mature tree canopy characteristic of the site while enhancing the collections and mitigating tree risk. She works closely with preservation staff to stay true to original intent of the historic landscape design while ensuring the tree canopy will continue to serve the site and Indianapolis community for decades to come in this active cemetery site.
Carrie served as the Indiana Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator with the Indiana DNR Division of Forestry for 10 years helping Indiana communities.

My Sessions

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